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Henna has traditional importance in Indian culture. It is known to have a cooling impact on the body temperature that relieves the bride and groom from stress and anxiety before their D-Day. It is like getting yourself all decked up to welcome your soulmate. We will be discussing various Mehendi designs that enjoy worldwide popularity. Henna is applied on various auspicious occasions like weddings, Karwa Chauth, Teej, Bhai Dooj. These henna styles are inspired by various cultures across the world that influence their intricacies and details. Here we go!!
  • INDIAN MEHNDI STYLE- In India, henna is an emotion. There have been variations in the patterns with time. But mehndi never goes out of trend. Indian mehndi patterns are quite intricate and elaborate whose designs hold a specific meaning. Traditional patterns like a peacock, flowers, trails are prominent elements of the Indian Henna pattern. In the case of designs for brides, the artwork includes Kalash, doli, dholkis bring a divine spark to the life of the couple. Hiding soulmates’ name in detailed designs of Indian mehndi style is a popular practice. Indian henna designs are influenced by Rajasthani zigzag, symmetrical blocks. It highlights the rich royal culture of India. Floral mehndi, Dulha Dulhan mehndi, bangle mehndi are few trendy Indian mehndi patterns.


  • ARABIC MEHNDI STYLE- It is synonymous with the Mughlai mehndi pattern that follows stylish, feminine designs. It is highly preferred by young and unmarried girls.  Arabic designs are in vine form where bold lines and closed designs are followed. Mehndi is not applied in the entire hand like an Indian pattern. Blank spaces help in creating parallel designs. Its design is often used in the dorsum hand and provides a refreshing look. Arabic designs include henna shading in blank areas of flower patterns. It is unique and traces its origin from Gulf countries.


  • WESTERN MEHNDI DESIGNS- It is a fine combination of traditional henna designs with modern trendy concepts. Henna patterns have been largely influenced by fashion standards. Its pattern involves the use of geometrical figures like circles, squares, and stylish designs. It is a bit similar to tattoo designing that highlights a particular body area. This is the reason, it is also known as the henna tattoo concept. A few examples include bracelet Mehendi, ring Mehendi, chandelier mehndi.


  • MOROCCAN MEHNDI DESIGNS- Wanna try something different? This is for you!! It is neither too detailed like an Indian pattern nor too bold like Arabic. It has been influenced by the Moroccan tribal artwork which includes zig zag borders, tribal emblems, small floral patterns. This henna style is somewhat eye-catchy and appealing to the males during their wedding. Although it is equally preferable for females. It carries a feminine charm and appears trendy.


  • PAKISTANI MEHNDI DESIGN- Pakistani mehndi designs showcase the perfect combination of Indian and Arabic henna patterns. Although it carries its uniqueness and does not carry the sole influence of other cultures. It is more traditional, ethnic due to the patterns inspired by Pakistani cultures. It includes domes, leaves, doors of mosques, flowers. It has bold lines and detailed designs.
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