A wedding in India is not just an event, it is a festival that connects two souls, families, their love, and emotions. Weddings bring along a series of customs, rituals having traditional significance. South Indian weddings showcase a diverse culture that makes them unique and fascinating. The rich cultural heritage of South India creates a difference in wedding rituals among regions like Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka. 


Mangala Snanam marks the beginning of the special day in which paste of turmeric, sandalwood is applied to the body of bride and groom. As the name itself suggests, it is an auspicious bath organized separately for bride and groom to cleanse their body and soul to prepare them for their D- Day. Turmeric gives a natural glow and luster to the skin. Floral jewellery adds a cherry to the cake. Gauri Puja performed at bride’s end is seen as a prayer to the goddess of austerity and virtue seeking blessings for a prosperous married life ahead. 


Kashi Yatra is a playful tradition, better known as the last journey of bachelorhood. Groom pretends to learn about Bhramacharya while the bride’s father and uncle convince him to marry their daughter. Traditionally, this ritual is believed to provide wisdom, knowledge, and power to groom before entering into a new path of life. Groom is an embodiment of Lord Vishnu for the bride’s family. He receives a royal welcome once he reaches the wedding venue. His feet are washed with rose water, milk, sandalwood.


Malai Maatral is similar to the Varmala ceremony of North Indians. The bride and groom exchange garlands and confirm their acceptance for marriage. Kanyadanam activates the emotions where the bride’s parents gift their daughter to the groom. The groom officially accepts the bride and pledge to respect her. Saptapadi means “Seven steps” that tie the two souls together. The bride and groom encircle the fire seven times making vows to govern their married life. Sindoor Daan and Mangala sutra solemnize the wedding.


Marriage establishes a valuable bond between two persons and creates lifelong devotion. The culture, rituals of South Indian weddings are enough to warm up your heart. It’s great to see how incredible our India is!
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