No matter what happens, life must go on. This should be our motto in tough conditions of Covid which seems never-ending. With new variants developing every day, the pandemic has posed stress on the mental wellbeing of the people. Weddings have always been a matter of celebrations in India. While the world tries to adjust to the new normal, this is an initiative to bring a conceptual shift in marriage. The government is already setting the guidelines for organizing weddings. 

Here we bring a few tips to plan your wedding during Covid:

  • SMALL GUEST LISTS- Government norms have already set the minimum guest count. It is necessary that your guest lists include quality people who can make your special day memorable. Don’t be reluctant due to the long relative circle. Prioritize your life and safety. Tailor your guest list accordingly.


  • NO ENTRY WITHOUT MASKS- Match your masks with your outfits. What can be more stylish than this? Refrain your guests to enter without masks. Set safety norms for your wedding. Inform and encourage your guests to do the needful in advance. It is more advisable to carry personal sanitizers bottles for prevention.


  • TEMPERATURE CHECK- It is advisable to have a temperature check at the entrance of the venue. It will help in keeping a check to ensure the full proof of safety for the other guests. Furnish the sanitizers at every table just like beginner snacks.


  • JUST CONNECT- Are your close friends not able to attend your wedding due to covid restrictions. Don’t worry, Go Digital!! Live video conferencing arrangements can help you to connect with your close friends, cousins, relatives. They can attend your wedding from anywhere in the world. Online booking of event venues, services like decorators, caterers, is an excellent choice. mUHURT can surely help you with this.


  • WEDDING REGISTRY- Wedding registry can help in marriage amidst the restrictions due to pandemic. Small function in the presence of close family and friends can ensure efficiency along with safety.


  • SOCIAL DISTANCING- It is necessary to have a distant seating arrangement in your wedding to follow social distancing protocols. Open venue weddings can help in ensuring enough space. Along with this décor can be specialized keeping in mind small guest lists and wide areas. It can result in jaw-dropping classy decoration.


  • TOP NOTCH HYGIENE STANDARDS- It is important to pay attention to the hygiene of service providers, food served. Photographers, Videographers should ensure their equipment is thoroughly sanitized. Service providers should ensure enough distance while serving snacks, clicking pictures. Caterers should ensure special attention to the quality of food being served.


Intimate weddings are gaining substantial popularity during pandemic. We need to face all the problems that lie on our way to develop solutions for the same. Wedding during pandemic can help in cutting costs when it comes to budget constraints. A residential wedding is another alternative to plan your D Day. Family members have become more independent without relying on intermediaries. Many families turned into decorators by the guidance of YouTube to style the wedding of their loved ones. 


This is all it takes- a small effort to make a big difference.

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