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Right age to marry

What is marriage?

Marriage is a beautiful union between two people who mutually decide to hold each other’s hand, love, care, and stay together, for the rest of their lives.

People get married when they feel like it, but that isn’t the only thing or factor that brings them to the final decision of saying ‘YES’.

There are plenty of factors that affect one’s decision or choice to get married.

If you get married without considering even the simplest and smallest things, there is a chance you might end up getting a divorce. 

So, what are these factors, why do they play a vital role and what is the right age to get married?

Mental stability- If you aren’t mentally prepared to get married, or not planning to settle down anytime soon, do not rush things just because society tells you to.

Mental stability plays a vital role in making a marriage successful. If you aren’t mentally prepared, there is a hundred percent chance it may lead to disagreements later in your married life.

So maturity and mental stability are very important before you decide to get married.


Financial stability- The world is changing and so are the traditions. Now is the time that you should stop asking your parents to finance your wedding.

You should not get married without financial stability as it affects several life decisions including family planning.

You should get married when you have enough savings in your account.


Inability to decide the right age- Many times people can not decide when is the right age to get hitched and you are unsure how your decision may turn out so you delay it year by year.

The more you delay it, the more complexities you face, the more you’re exposed to divorce and several other risks.


Education- If you are in the middle of education you tend to delay marriage as you are focused more on your career and not thinking of settling down anytime soon.

So if you are pursuing a degree, and decide to get married just for the sake of it, you better take some time to think, finish your education, and get married when you have reached a certain level of maturity.


Mutual agreement- If two people who decide to get hitched do not have mutual agreement and understanding there is a chance your marriage may not be successful and lead to a divorce.

So you should get married only when you find an ideal match with whom you feel at home.

The right age to get married

Research says the right age is when you have reached a certain level of maturity, confidence, understanding, willingness to make adjustments, stable behavioral patterns, etc.


Experts say people who get married in their 20s are likely to get divorced as they are not mentally stable, have not reached the right maturity level, where they can make the right decisions for a successful married life.

They tend to make hasty decisions, which ultimately leads to disagreements, conflicts, and eventually divorce.


Those who get married between 20-24 years of age are also at a high risk of disagreements and divorce as they are at a stage where the brain is still developing and going through certain behavioral changes leading to moral and ethical instability.


People who decide to get married at 25 have reached a stage where they can differentiate between right and wrong. They are mature enough to make ethical decisions.

They know their priorities, are ready to make adjustments, and are confident enough to take the right leap.


People who get married from 25-30 years of age are at a lesser risk of a failed marriage. By the time they decide to get married, they have likely finished their education, are doing well in their jobs and career, and are ready to plan the next step towards getting married.


Those who get married after 30 are the smartest, confident, have a better foundation, are morally, ethically, and mentally stable, and all set for marriage.

They are flexible, better at maintaining healthy relations, and reach mutual agreements easily.

So, the best age to get married is from 25-30.


After 30 you tend to face several inconveniences and hardships in finding the right partner, as your expectations and standards of a perfect fit tend to get higher and you might not meet the perfect person who fits all your expectations. 

If you do find the right match, you might face hardships regarding family and future planning.

Healthwise also, you might get exposed to health problems, which would ultimately affect your married life.


They say age is just a number, and you may get married whenever you are ready to settle down and adjust to a new lifestyle.

There is no such thing as the right time because ultimately you are the master of your life and take decisions based on your judgment.

But if you still look at research and studies, age does play a vital role and it is better if you consider this factor when you decide to get married.

Advantages of delayed marriage

Self-discovery- You get more me-time that helps you understand yourself better.

You discover peace of mind and a balance of life that helps you prepare for a better, brighter future.


Family time– You get more family time, and spend the happiest moments of your life with your loved ones. The more you get close to your family, the more you become stronger and more empathetic.


Patience– While delaying the marriage and looking for the right match you become patient and make wiser decisions for yourself. If you are patient there are chances that you find the best for yourself.


You attain wisdom and maturity– When you delay your wedding, you get to know yourself better, develop maturity, and go through behavioral patterns. You become a better version of yourself and ultimately become wiser and ready to conquer every challenge of life.


Finding the right match- When you delay your wedding, you eventually know what is right and what is wrong for you. You take calculative decisions and ultimately make the best and wise decisions for you.

While finding the right match, you consider every aspect, make a wise choice, which ultimately helps you find the right match for yourself.


Savings for life– When you delay your wedding you get more time to save for your special day and the rest of your life after that. The more you delay your wedding, the more time you get to save for a better future.

These small savings together make you financially sound and you get well prepared for every situation that might come to your way post marriage.

So if you have been delaying your marriage, make the best use of this time and start saving little by little to make a big difference.

Drawbacks of delayed marriage

Difficulty making adjustments- The more your marriage is delayed, it becomes even more difficult for you to make adjustments. You end up making it hard for you to find the right match, eventually making you marry someone you do not have a mutual understanding with.


Inability to find the right match– Bitter but the truth is, if you delay your marriage too long, you tend to set certain standards for yourself and the match you are looking for.

These certain standards, if not met, might disappoint you leading to delayed marriage, disagreements, and conflicts in married life.


Career first- If you delay your marriage for too long, it could also be due to an inclination towards your career, making it your priority. When you put your career first in everything, it might cause problems in your marriage, you might get into conflicts a little too often, taking you on the verge of divorce.


Prioritizing money- When you are too much busy with your career you start prioritizing money and pay less attention to relationships and making the bond stronger. Your whole foundation of a happy married life becomes weak, giving rise to unhappiness and conflicts, and eventually divorce.


Hasty decisions or delayed family planning– The delay in marriage would either lead to a rush to have kids or a delayed family planning.

If you rush to have kids, then you would have less time to spend with your better half as a newlywed, less time to understand each other which might lead to disagreements later.

If you delay family planning for too long you may face inconveniences that would affect both you and your kid’s life.


Although marriage is all about timing, you should not make hasty decisions and take your time to think and analyze every single thing that is somehow connected to married life.

When the timing and decision are right, everything else falls in place and you take a step closer towards a brighter and happier married life.

You get married only once, and if you fail to build a foundation of a happy marriage, there are chances your relationships might break.

So before getting married consider all the factors, try handling them with ease and you will eventually be able to spend a great life with your better half.

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