About Us

Who we are

mUHURT is a service based company which mainly focuses on online business. mUHURT has a product as an application which helps the user to access and utilize its services.


The weddings, birthday, festivals occasions, college functions, company parties, conferences etc. are never ending things, these days we can see how difficult it is to book a venue even though we have already decided that we are going to book some X hall but the time we reach there its 50 – 50 probability of getting that particular hall because we don’t know if it is available for the date we needed or already booked, these days as the size of roads are getting bigger, bigger the number of vehicles we are seeing on the roads because of which to go at the venue and got to know that it is already booked is very much heartbreaking and time consuming, Especially in metro cities, it is more difficult to travel to the venues and deciding in which hall to organize their function, so only most of the time the people limit their expectations and desires. Even though they can get the information through the internet, but the problem is they will never get every information of a particular hall and they have to make a call to the venue on their given time to get the information. And most of the time the customer is unable to get full information on call only. Again they have to visit the venue.
   On the other hand, vendors have to attend the calls on a regular basis even though not knowing whether the customer is interested in booking or not, also at the same time the vendor will not be able to provide full information over the call. Vendors also spend a lot of money on advertising and marketing their venue and they can only make it to some extent within their area. The vendors also have to maintain a register for their bookings, payments and others which is very much outdated and complex to maintain. And also the vendor has to call the customer to make the payment which is really a headache for them.


At the initial stage mUHURT focuses on adding the wedding, party venues and conference rooms. So that the user can search their desired venue. The user can check all the information provided by the hall including venue pictures and videos and also both free and paid facilities provided by the hall. The user can also get the information regarding the hall extra services and their prices. The main feature of this application is that users can easily check the availability of the venue on a particular date. And finally the user can book the venue according to their desire on a particular date on mUHURT application.
mUHURT is providing services to both for its users and also for venue vendors. Venue vendors are also going to get a mUHURT merchant application, so that they can easily add their property with mUHURT. Vendors can be able to edit the details of their hall like price, facilities, offers, services etc. Also vendors will get informed after their venue is booked on the mUHURT application. Vendors can be able to see their monthly and yearly reports and progress in the business. And many other facilities are also being provided to both User and Merchant through mUHURT application.

Other Benefits

Ease of doing business

This will increase the ease of doing business for vendors by providing a great platform on which they could reach their customers directly. They can also advertise their hall and compete with the other halls in this big market and they could be able to reply to the reviews of the users regularly. They can able to make their hall more popular and reachable with no limitations

Improves the lifestyle

It also helps to improve the lifestyle of the people so that they can book their desired hall for any occasion just at their fingertips and also they can book it from any part of the world.

Employment generation

Apart from providing the best services, mUHURT can generate employment on a larger scale. It needs executives to add, to register, to visit and assure the hall by mUHURT and also to contact the hall owners throughout the country regularly for mutual benefits.


mUHURT is a technical driven company that handles most of its business through online, So mUHURT can also generate employment on it’s technicality to improve the application and to regularly maintain its technicalities.

Our Company


mUHURT mission is to provide utmost convenience for itscustomers and merchants by a layout of manifesto forcustomers to DESIGN and CONFIRM the event in the desired way at their fingertips and helping vendors in advance their business on a PAN INDIA Innovative platform mUHURT.


mUHURT vision is to offer a digital transformation for theevent industry in India and Worldwide for people to DESIGN & BOOK their event services hassle-free anywhere online through mUHURT


mUHURT believes in “khushiyon ka waqt khushiyon ke sath”.Our objective is to provide you with desired services in PAN INDIA to search and confirm your celebrations. We issue best services for your memorable events