Frequently Asked Question

A list of answers to questions that users  might ask

Get your queries answered here in the FAQ Section, if you have any other queries apart from these

contact us at [email protected] 

How to contact mUHURT ?

 In mUHURT application, There is an option/section called HELP. Through which you can contact mUHURT and ask your queries. mUHURT will be happy to resolve it as soon as possible.

Can i update my account information ?

Yes surely you can update your account information except your phone number.

Why am I not getting any results after the city search result ?


There is no technical error. In the search area, If any city is not registered with mUHURT then we are displaying the COMING SOON message. 

Or, You might have entered the wrong city name.

I am a customer but I want to become a merchant also. How ?


 Okay ! So to become a partner follow some easy steps: 

  • Click on the mUHURT home button,
  • Then click on the Become a Partner tab,
  • Fill the mentioned required fields and submit.

  mUHURT Executive will contact you for the further procedure.

Can I book outside catering or other services at the property ?

Yes of course you can use outside catering service. But only if the Property owner  is allowing it. Although, we are providing full information on the overview screen, there you can check which all facilities are given by the property owner. But if in some cases you need more information, then you can directly contact him once your booking is confirmed.

Can I update my phone number ?

Sorry we don’t  have that option for now, but you can raise a ticket in the help section to request to update new number.

Can I update my email ?

Yes. Only if you provide a valid email id

Can I request new event types/facilities ?

 Yes. You have to raise a ticket in the help section with detailed information about which event types / facilities you want to add.

How to add new photos/videos to my property ?

Sorry we don’t have that option in the current version, but our executive will take the soft copies of the Pictures provided by the Merchant. (we make sure only quality pictures should be uploaded on our platform). If a merchant doesn’t have  any pictures of it, we will take the best pictures and upload it as soon as possible

How to contact mUHURT ?

You can contact by raising a ticket in the help section. We make sure to respond as earliest.

What to do if a customer's behaviour is not good or damages the merchant’s property ?

 Action can be taken according to Property’s Policy by merchant only. Merchant can take action according to his Property’s Policy.