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mUHURT has laid down a few service models for the customers and vendors that provide multiple facilities with maximum benefits. All of these models have similar services with distinct features and each of the services provides maximum satisfaction to the users. We provide three service models to both our users( the venue vendor, and the customer).


These models are- Basic, Advanced, and Premium.

All of these models are easy to use and have convenient tools that anyone can access with ease.

No rocket science, just simple tools that you can access at your fingertips!

Basic Model :

For Customers:

Although this is just a test model, we have made sure you get the best out of it. It has basic but all the necessary facilities that you might look for in your dream venue. We have designed this model in such a way that you can test our application while also maximum benefits completely online with simple steps. This basic model will give you an idea of what the other two models could offer you and if it is worth your time. We promise you won’t get disappointed as we know what our customers want and offer everything that you might need while booking a venue for your special occasions. mUHURT makes sure the users get all the services and benefits from the platform without having to go through any troubles or inconveniences. The basic idea is to revolutionize the venue booking system and make it more convenient and hassle-free.


We very well know that people are not too much into using online services for checking or booking venues or to find venue vendors online, and still prefer using an offline traditional method to book venues for special events. But that’s too boring, troublesome, and time-consuming. So, It is time we change for the better! These small changes will lead to a better tomorrow. That is why we have provided our users with a basic model first so that they can see and experience the benefits themselves. It has basic tools and basic facilities that mostly all venues have in common. But each venue has its own distinct style, and elegance that is why you may test these tools and search through all the venues and their facilities and opt for the best venue for your event.


This Basic model is a test product that we have decided to provide our users before we launch our Premium model that has a lot more to offer than just the basic facilities. Although the basic facilities have their distinct benefits, the premium model is more customizable, hence catering to the users’ needs. As the name suggests this basic model provides basic facilities and we make sure you do not have to step out and visit the venue physically to ask the vendor for quotations, their dates availability, and facilities & services.


mUHURT services are tailored as per customer preferences, interests, and needs, and we provide the following venue facilities under the basic model for customers:

1) You can now check out and explore multiple properties or venues online or virtually including the pictures & videos of the venue, all while sitting at home.

The pictures and videos will help you get the idea of how your desired venue looks and what it has in stock to offer you.

2) You can check out the venue facilities & services online by following simple steps and clicking on a few tabs present in the app.

3) You can get a Booking quotation or starting price and get a basic idea of what the property owner and the venue have to offer you. You can get the quotation in the app or contact the vendor asking for the same.


Our services do not end here. We have much more to offer as we have included an additional feature in our mUHURT app. This additional feature will help customers to directly connect with the vendor/owner or venue executive for any queries or quotations. Yes! That’s right. mUHURT helps you connect with the vendor over a call so that you can get all your queries sorted, or ask for quotations and lets you enjoy a hassle-free booking experience and a memorable party event of a lifetime.


mUHURT is a two-way platform that connects customers & vendors under a single roof. We are a one-stop platform that offers multiple services without asking for any charges from the users. We have eliminated middlemen so that you won’t have to pay any commission or subscription fee. Now vendors can list their property commission-free and customers can book online or talk to the venue vendor directly.  We have redefined the meaning of booking and listing venues online and have tailored our services in such a way that would provide multiple benefits to both customers and venue vendors and satisfy the needs of both parties.


Not only customers but the vendors also get a basic model facility in the mUHURT app to connect with maximum customers and grow the business threefold. The vendors can now get bookings from all over India and manage their venues online.

mUHURT extends the following facilities to the vendor under the basic mode

1) Get your property listed without investing a single penny and take your business online.

2) Increase your reach on a mass level and connect to customers from all over India.

3) Promote your venue at zero percent investment.

4) Eliminating middlemen and connecting with the customers directly for better coordination.

5) We have more in stock for you!

You may check out the additional benefits once you are onboard on the mUHURT app.

Advance Model:

For Customers:

This model includes an extra feature for customers where you can check the availability of slots at your desired venue on a particular date/day, venue pricing, and check-in check-out details at your fingertips. If you don’t find your desired slots, you can then call the venue vendor after you have checked the details properly and ask them for slot availability, other queries, and quotations. You can then plan your event accordingly and enjoy a hassle-free booking experience.

For Vendors:

Once you are onboard on the mUHURT app and opt for the Advance Model then you will be getting an mUHURT Business Mobile Application & Web Application,  wherein you can easily manage the details of your Venue. Also, you would be able to add & edit any information about your venue.


In short, you will be the master of your application, You will manage the application on your own.  The main reason for providing you with the mUHURT Business Application is that  vendors can update the availability of the dates & slots easily through the Business Mobile Application and Business web application to avoid mixing offline slots and dates with the online ones.


Still, confused on how it works?  This is how you do it- If a vendor gets any offline booking, then he can lock the date through the mUHURT Business Application so that the customers do not get confused with the added information regarding the availability of dates & slots.

Premium Model:

For Customers:

The premium model has been designed in such a way that it offers unique services that stand out from the other two models.

Although all of our three models are tailored and designed as per event type and customer needs, the premium model has self-manageable and customizable tools that one can use to manage the venue bookings and their facilities.


Check out these facilities mentioned down below:


1) Assistance-free tools, No call buttons are required as you can manage the app without any assistance. These tools are easy to use, labeled with simple terms that can be easily understood.

2) Customers can check the availability of slots (both with food and without food) and book conveniently as per their choice. We have simple tools that you can access without any difficulty. 

3) If you choose a venue without a food facility, the booking price will be displayed with the check-in and check-out timings, and customers can book the slot by making either advance or full payment. You will get an instant booking confirmation and can check your booking details on the “My Bookings Screen” tab.

4) If you choose a venue with a food facility, then you can easily check out all the menu lists provided by the vendor under a particular package. For your ease, we have divided the menu into different categories like “Welcome Drinks, Starters, Main Course, etc” so that you may not get confused while choosing the items. You can choose the items from the menu as per your choice. You even get the facility where you can easily create your menu list as per you and your family members’ choice and preferences, all while sitting at your home and managing everything at your fingertips.

5) If you have any special requirements related to food or any other item then mUHURT has one more feature where the customer can easily customize the menu and ask for the quotation price from the vendor. If the quoted price suits your budget then you can proceed with the booking by making either advance or full payment. You will get an instant booking confirmation and can check your booking details in the “My Bookings Screen” tab.

6) You get the option of paying the remaining amount easily by clicking on the pay ”balance payment” tab.

For Vendors:

1) Vendors can update their available dates and slots. If they get any offline venue booking they can update the slot from their business application so that online customers do not book the venue on the same date. 

2) Vendors can also lock & unlock any date at any time if they do not wish to take bookings for any date or slot. 

3) Vendors can also promote any kind of payment or voucher offer for their property and attract customers on a mass level.

4) If they want to raise or lower the booking price of their venue for any date or any day, that feature is also available in the mUHURT Premium Model.

5) Vendors can also list the menu items and ask their customers to choose their own menu or package by themselves. Also customers can differentiate between basic items and special items and put them into different categories. 

6) If any customer wishes to customize the menu and requests for quotation, then an additional feature is also available on the mUHURT app so that vendors could quote the price.

7) Not just these but mUHURT has many more benefits to offer, that would not only help lessen your workload but also scale up your business.

Check out these benefits by downloading the mUHURT app and getting onboard after following a few simple steps.

mUHURT isn’t just an online platform, it’s the need of the hour.

Since everything is digitizing, we made venue listing and booking easily accessible online.

We have dedicated our services to making sure our users get the most out of this single platform. Now customers do not have to go through the hassles of finding the best and most reasonable venue and the venue vendors do not have to worry about finding maximum customers and growing the business. We have brought all these facilities under one single platform. Be it listing, booking, parking, food, decor, or any other facility, we have made them easily available and accessible to everyone.

No matter what model you choose, you will get the best facilities in all the three models. We promise to deliver you only the best quality services and countless benefits that prove to be worthy of your time and effort.

We strive to make your venue listing and booking experience an easy process.

We promise to better and upgrade our services and help you enjoy a hassle-free and comfortable venue listing and booking.

mUHURT will always be at your services and happy to help you anytime.