Shaheen Bagh a luxury botique resrot and spa

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Shaheen Bagh a luxury botique resrot and spa

Weddings are not just a One Day Event. They are Memories that Add On for a Life Time. Looking Out to Host your Wedding in a Posh and Luxurious Resort, then The SHAHEEN BAGH Resort, located at the bottom of Mussoorie hills could be your Perfect Choice.

Talking about the Grandeur and Luxury of this Resort, The Shaheen Bagh Resort is spread over a Total of 30,000 sq. Ft. Area. This Huge Destination provides you with all the Luxury and Larger than Life Vibes that you’d be looking out for, on your Special Day. Also, talking about the Decoration, Beautiful Flower Decoration will be provided at the Main Stage, Main Gate, and the Mandap.

The Shaheen Bagh Resort Grace provides you with a Covered Dining Area and an Uncovered Lawn Area. The Open Lawn Area can be used to host the Main Wedding Ceremonies, whereas the Closed Dining Area would be where your Guests can comfortably have their Meals.

Talking about the Comfort of your Guests, Rich Bone China Crockery would be used to serve Food to your Guests. Also, a Dedicated 5,000 Sq. Ft. Parking Area would be provided wherein your Guests can comfortably rest their Vehicles.

LANDMARK: Near River Stone Cottages

NEAREST GUEST HOUSE/HOTEL: Hotel JSR Inn, River Stone Cottages

The Shaheen Bagh Resort happily accepts Payment in both Cash and Bank Cheque.


February 11, 2022